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The movement session focuses on your individual needs and creates growth in awareness and understanding about your body mechanics. The work is in conditioning, re-patterning and integration.
Kiaora teaches her clients to understand their body and patterns so that they can take what they learn and apply that support to all their movement classes and daily life. Her work room is equipped to catalyze the client on their path to greater wellness, ease and enjoyment overall.

Movement Integration Sessions: About

In a desire to nurture ones connection to inner self, we practice breath awareness. In every moment and position, yoga aids one in creating a dialogue with the breath. Seeking to care for ourselves, to nurture suppleness and strength, we use the awareness of our own breath as a tool to listen to our bodies. If the breath is evasive, we know we have ventured beyond caring for our vehicle of the soul and moved into force. To really love oneself, instead, we listen and take cues from sensing the body and the breath. Yoga is not a competition but a practice to inspire wellbeing, to offer encouragement to ones body with love and compassion, and to make your life a journey that has more grace and ease no matter the circumstance.

Kiaora also teaches Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga, offering from the idea that sometimes it is not what you engage, but what you release that helps the body come into balance and peace.

For both Yoga and Pilates Kiaora aims to teach her students to get curious about themselves, to study their bodies, bringing self awareness to the fascia, to the alignment of the bones and to the muscles that move them. She aims to help her students learn that they are their own greatest healer and, through knowledge of ones vehicle, you can catalyze your ability to show up in this world with what ever you have chosen to do and give it your best.

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