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To my 'Movement is Medicine' people,

I would like to share that my hybridization of the Reset Meditation and 5Rhythms is all about recognizing survival skills/trauma/polarization in the body and using our awareness and the shapes of our fascia to inform how the issue focused on might be stuck in our systems.

Its amazing! We use eye work to unlock the patterns in our brains that are holding us in these shapes which allows us to create more connection to the present moment.

Dancing post moving with these deeper explorations has been a huge catalyst for myself and my students.

With the Reset we are working with the Vagal Nerve to come out of Dorsal Vagal (reactionary) brain, through the sympathetic brain and into Ventral Vagal (present moment) well being.

I have been studying the Reset work for 6 years and have been offering it for 4.

This last year there has been a huge embodiment breakthrough, catalyzing the shifts clients experience to an even more rapid pace while maintaining a gentle and subtle approach. People being stuck in Dorsal Vagal states due to the pandemic helped this work, created by Laura Cirolia, to take on a beautiful body centered approach that has made mixing the 5Rhythms with it even more fun.

What I love about this work is that it really meets each individuals consciousness. I am not feeding in the well being, the participants are creating their own new neural pathways to embodied upshifts*, which turn into a mantra created from ones' own personal experience of more coherency between the body, heart, mind and soul.

All this is to say, working with ones more difficult and patterned emotional responses, anxiety, resistance, negative thoughts, feelings or sensations, disassociation or overwhelm, all can be less encumbering and more informative about how to create new neural pathways and healing.

If any of this resonates, I would be honored to step forward as a healing guide in a group setting or in one on one sessions. Please email me for further information.

*An Upshift is a word or an ‘I Am’ statement that has been tuned in through your process and vibrates at your new up-leveled frequency. This mantra from your higher-self has been moved with and danced into your fascia and flesh, into your emotional terrain, into the grey matter of your brain. The Upshift is now apart of you and your unconscious mind.

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