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Student. Teacher. Dancer. & Catalyst.

Kiaora Fox is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, Reset Meditation Facilitator and Hatha Yoga and Pilates teacher. Her life inspiration is to nurture community by helping deepen human connections to body and spirit. Kiaora has studied body mechanics and movement of energy since she was a child. Kiaora was raised with an array of healing arts and mindfulness tools in the Gurdjeif lineage, Lakota Souix traditions, Huna philosophy, Hypnosis and Chiropractic practices. These have influenced her continual study of the psyche, ego identification and inviting what is real to be accepted, learning to meet herself and others with an open, encouraging and playful depth of presence. Kiaora’s intention is to to empower people to know and feel how beautiful and capable they are so that they have more ease in their lives and connection to their community. She teaches children as young as 8 and adults as old as 84.
With everything Kiaora offers, the thread is encouraging embodiment, making the act of sensing oneself fun and enlivening, accepting and releasing any pain that would hold us back and relating feelings to the beauty of being alive.

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Self discovery takes many forms.
Exploring conditioning and self awareness practices through yoga and Pilates, whether one-on-one or in group classes are a solid building block to connect and nurture your self. I also find they are good aid in preparing the body for some wild dances.
5Rhythms classes are available to all abilities and age ranges, it is not a performance, there are no wrong or right moves, but a discovery and release. You can dance gentle and lying down, in a chair or on two feet. The medicine of authentic movement will take root no matter what it looks like or how big or small it moves.
Reset Meditation has been a giant catalyst in opening up my system to wholeness and nurturing! The meditations use consciousness to come into contact with what’s really true in this moment. When we can be with what is than we can come into awareness of patterns that are usurping our focus and life force. Once we untether this direction of energy from whats holding us back, we can then use this newly freed life force to invite what we really want to do and be in this life. We can upshift our potential quite easily with some willingness, acceptance and love. This modality coupled with 5Rhythms has been a profound awakening in presence on and off the dance floor!

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