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Every person that enters my work room has places where they are stuck. Perspectives that are ingrained in a system are dictating that persons life experience. When we are stuck in a way of being, seeing the world through a lens that gives room for negativity in self or relationship, it changes our access to our brains and bodies, resulting in; limited or impaired movement, disease, confusion, disembodiment, anxiety or addiction, just to name a few.
Reset Meditation is unlike any other healing modality I have found! It untethers negative states of being from the system and creates loving shifts to presence and positivity. We can transform our consciousness to create new perspectives with Reset. As the old patterns unravel, the body mechanics follow! Issues held in the system are released and the fascia and musculature feel that opening.
Its effectiveness is immediate and gently ripples through your system. Some therapies actually re-traumatize the system trying to help you “work through” the pain of situations from the past. The Reset Meditation works on a more subtle field. It raises consciousness and presence without getting stuck in “the story,” creating new pathways to desired outcomes.
I have been doing body work with clients for 15+ years. When great shifts have been made, a psychological up leveling has coincided. There is a great amount of dedication required with weekly/bi-weekly sessions and homework to really excel. There are issues held in many of these bodies that have more ease after years of work but are still resistant to integrating with the body as a whole. As dedicated as clients have been, these held patterns could not be stretched or massaged away. Once the Reset Meditation has been integrated with these clients, the result is a gentle opening in these areas of resistance and more presence and ease in a very short amount of time.
Reset Meditation can be done in person or over the phone. Sessions last 1.5-2 hrs. Reset Meditation needs to be committed to fully to reap the benefits of your growing awareness. The sessions need a 3x commitment to support the changes that take place in your life.
When you choose Reset Meditation, you are choosing to transform yourself, to mature and grow . It is 100% your process and your opening! Reset Meditation helps the client in reclaiming mental, emotional, and physical balance as well as a sweet opening to the soul, which is the true YOU.


“Kiaora is intuitive, gentle, honest, patient, clear and so loving. The work I have done with Kiaora has allowed for me to feel more like myself.  I experience the courage to be honest about who I am. I feel more joy.  I feel empowered to make changes that I have unconsciously wanted to make for many years.  I feel lighter, like so much baggage has been lifted off my heart.  I am so grateful to have gotten this time with Kiaora.  She is a true healer!!!”

K. Lehman

Image by Robert Lukeman

“I found (Reset Meditation) very subtle at first and as time went on (the changes in my life) became very obvious. (This work) allowed me to have more awareness in my relationships and improve them. It has brought me more consciousness about what I am doing and what I want to do. Weeks after my first 3 pack it continues to make ripples of positive change into my life. When I think about it, I can feel my whole being smiling because I know it’s going to continue.”

D. Johnson



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