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5Rhythms® Waves Class

5Rhythms is a movement meditation practice where we seek to liberate ourselves from the monkey mind of thought and encourage our sensational, intuitive and natural selves to lead the way. To embody the 5 basic rhythms of Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness helps us to understand ourselves better and assists us to move with the ups and downs that life offers with grace and presence. 
Each class will vary in focus and all will include direction to explore your edges, to grow your movement vocabulary, to break up your habits and create new found freedoms and fuller breath. THERE WILL BE DANCING! Moving into honest, expressive, weird and wild dances . And to honor your quietude and inner wisdoms. We will stretch into our gathering together, meeting each other in depth and play.
All ages and abilities are welcome! Come ready to sweat. No street shoes, barefoot is great. Dress in comfortable layers and bring a water bottle.
Wednesdays at Yoga Soup 7-8:30pm

IGNITE 2020!

5Rhythms® workshop with Kiaora Fox & Heera Sazevich

Celebrate this New Year’s Eve in conscious dance and ritual, lovingly releasing the past year and moving into limitless possibility and creativity.
Come dressed to MOVE as the Intention you are planting: Abundance, Love, Peace, More Free Time, Authenticity, Commitment to Health….
Held by the safe and spacious container of the 5Rhythms® movement practice, this event is open to ALL levels of experience and abilities and is Intoxicant-Free. With the intention to let go of our past trials and honor our joys, we catalyze our moving forward unencumbered into 2020. Together we will Ignite and welcome what we are calling into our lives, dancing into our bodies and beings the resonance of what will propel us into the New Year. Deliciously eclectic music takes you on a deep transformational journey.
to sign up, follow the register links: http://www.yogasoup.com/ignite-2020-ecstatic-dance/


a 5Rhythms Workshop with Kiaora Fox
Saturday January 25th

Breath is life.
We will use the map of the 5Rhythms to explore how we relate to our breath, how we can better use the anatomy of our breath and how we can enable the fullness of our breath with in our dance.
What we practice on the dance floor ripples out into our lives!

Breath begins to get limited in order to cope with many of life's twists and turns. We must adult, we must control our impulses, keep our cool, limit our expression.
The fastest way to repress yourself is to depress the breath.

But with limited breath comes a numbness, our vagus nerve is activated and we move into survival mode. With in survival comes the triggers, the allergies, the coping mechanisms that turn us into lesser versions of who we really are.

So come to breath in the dance. Come to be fully alive. Allow your full expression and set yourself free.

All ages and abilities are welcome. Wear layered comfortable clothing and bare feet or (non-street) dance shoes. Bring a water bottle and a desire to explore the sensations of your dance.

@ the Joslyn Rec Cen

950 Main St.

Cambria, Ca 93428


5Rhythms with Kiaora Fox

I am offerring classes on select Fridays in Ojai at the Sane Living Center.
7:30-9pm @ 316 East Matilija Street Ojai, CA 93023
You can find 5Rhythms there TBA