A 5Rhythms® and Reset Meditation class

*LIVE* 5Rhythms & Reset Meditation: Integrating Self Description
A Thursday morning virtual Yoga Soup 5Rhythms® dance gathering.
In these times of unknown and drastic change, this class offers simple and easy-to-use grounding tools. A short meditation blended with the 5Rhythms dance awareness practice invites more balance into our systems and encourages our creativity and wellness to thrive.


Santa Barbara Dance Tribe

Join Santa Barbara dancers for my 2 wave 5Rhythms® virtual offering.
This is music led, no vocal guidance is given.
My next set for SBDT is Sunday May 24th, 11-1pm PST.


A collaborative laboratory of 5Rhythms® & Expressive Arts from a distance

An online 5-week series of classes taught by three practitioners in Sacramento, CA: Santa Barbara, CA; & Melbourne Australia.

5Rhythms® is a catalytic, transformational healing practice that has brought us together. And now that we cannot come together physically, we must stretch ourselves beyond these walls, to dance together, to grow together and to find connection beyond our separation.

We will dive into expressive arts via our tiny boxes in new and creative ways: playing with theater, body poetry, and other ways that inspire our expression and bring us closer together!

This class is for you if you are:
A dancer who LOVES 5Rhythms® and wants to share it with friends/loved ones around the world (buy them a pass!!)

New to this practice and want to tip-toe in from the safety of their own living room.

An experienced dancer who wants to deepen your practice through the facilitation of 3 uniquely styled facilitators!

Someone who yearns to dance wildly without the stress and intimidation of a live group.

And dancers who don't have 5Rhythms® in their local community.

Your Guides:
Lucine Eusani has taught movement around the world. Her 2 decades of study and work with South American Shamanism turn her movement medicine into profound journeys into the unknown. She’s a Certified 5Rhythms® teacher and embodiment coach who uses the medicine of movement to awaken all parts of our selves, integrate our body's wisdom to bring our full integrity out into the world.

Kiaora Fox has been teaching embodiment practice for over 15 years, making the act of sensing oneself fun, enlivening and educational. A certified 5Rhythms® teacher, Reset Meditation Facilitator and Hatha Yoga and Pilates teacher, Kiaora encourages people to explore and accept the Now moment, to create greater peace, sense of self and a more harmonious relationship to the world.

Majica Alba, a creative visionary whose passions led her to explore art, music, and dance as a therapeutic vehicle will be one of your hosts on this journey. Majica is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Expressive Art Therapist.

These three ladies began what they call “The Trinity” in August of 2019 when they met dancing at a workshop. This began an exploration of vulnerability and expression that extended beyond the physical to a collaboration of emotion and expression of self that deepened far beyond the walls of the workshop. Loving each other from three different geographical locations opened them up to exploring connection in dance and vulnerability via the interweb. They want to share that with you.

Begins the THIRD weekend of May
May 15/16
AEST (Melb/Sydney): Saturdays at 9am
PST: Fridays at 4pm
EST: Fridays at 7pm

A 5-week deepening program. Join for the whole series or drop into one class.
Suggested donation to join ($12-20) per class


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